Fog Free Lens Care

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When eyewear is exposed to extreme moisture or humidity, water vapor builds up on your lenses. This vapor becomes a vision-impairing fog when there is a temperature change caused by the environment or your own body heat. Avoidance of the "white out effect" can be controlled with Opticote's Fog Free coating.

Following these care instructions will result in optimal performance:

  • Your lenses have been coated and thermally cured.
  • Lenses are coated and ready to worn in the field.
  • When cleaning is required, always clean with an 75-80% alcohol base with water. If water is used it is very important to thoroughly dry the lenses with a microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • Do not use any ammonia or chlorine based cleaners as they will severely degrade the performance of the coating.
  • After repeated cleanings with water our suggestion is to rejuvenate the coating with a product we recommended from Nanofilm called Clarity De-Fog It™.