A Message From the President

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Since 1971, Opticote has been an innovator in ophthalmic lens coating technology. Beginning as one of the pioneers in color coating eyeglass lenses, to making sophisticated filters for military and aerospace applications, Opticote's goal is to always be clearly the best.

In 1994 we began an aggressive investment program which continues today to take advantage of the latest technologies. We used our experience to design and build new coating equipment – some of the largest, most sophisticated and productive coating machines. We replaced manual functions with robotics to avoid human errors. The investment paid off and our expertise caught the attention of major optical suppliers. We were awarded coating contracts from some of the best names in the optical industry including VisionEase®, Bolle®, 2C® and Serengeti®.

Our investment was not limited to equipment. We added the newest design and simulation software. Through education and personnel additions we now have a highly trained and experienced technical staff. Some staff members even hold board level positions in America's most prestigious optical societies. Again our expertise was noticed and we were chosen to work with Teledyne and the US Air Force.

We didn't ignore service. We took our entire equipment and personnel infrastructure and wrapped it in a custom information system. Every job is electronically logged. We record critical information each time an employee and/or machine handles a lens. This gives us information for advanced statistical analysis. In spite of all this technology we use real people to answer the phones because our valued customers prefer it.

And we're not content to simply coast on the renown of our heavy-hitters (such as the stunning Miami Mirrors collection). At Opticote, we pride ourselves on constant innovation – and are dedicated to continually bringing you remarkable new products like our game-changing Fog Free lens coating.

For technology, service and quality AR, use Opticote and experience why we are clearly the best.

Edwin J. Ellefsen
President, Opticote Inc.
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